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The most popular shame of the 19th century. In these days the Bent again very popular, after the devolution of the Bent in the 20th century. The Billiard bowl and shank is smaller than 90- degrees. They used originally the designation ,, bent stem billiard". Less curved than the halfbent is the meaning of the semi. The stem and the mouthpiece are ususally bents.Quarter bent meaning that the shank and stem is bented 30- degrees. The half bent is smaller, the full bent is bigger- degress curved, than 45- degrees.Bent pipes are walking pipes. In your mouth can you much easier to hold this.


Different shapes are in the pipe bowl: quarter bent, square shank dublin, with saddle mouthpiece.The Dublin shape bowl with shank is bented 30- degrees.

Hungarian or Oom Paul shape is with full bent stem, large tobacco chamber. 

  • Stanwell pipe Boa 198 GR14

    Stanwell pipe Boa 198 GR14

    This Stanwell pipe Boa 198 GR14 is made of briar. Stem decorated an aluminiumring. Confortable in the hand. The pipe with short stem and mouthpiece need to be use carefully.