• Apple


    The apple shape pipes are under and over rounded, remind us of an apple. The classic apple- shape pipe is more rounded version of the billliard. The pipe shank is rounded and same with the bowl size. Apple shape pipes are available in tapered and saddle stem versions. The same size in the pipe bowl is the height and diameter. The height is none larger than the diameter. The apple pipe is thick- walled. Don't will be hot .They tend to burn less. The disadvantage is the weight of the pipe. This pipe shape is heavier than others. It's very  popular style and confortable in the hand.

  • Army & Spigot

    Army & Spigot

    The Peterson firm worked out this shape. The reservation came from the british army. The Army & Spigot is a variant, which is rounded off at one end and takes a special bit that tapers into it. The idea is that the bit can be easily removed to eliminate the risk of breaking the peg. It also allows longer or shorter mouthpieces to be used readily. The army Mount used to be particularly popular with sailors. A variant of the Army and Spigot. Here, the end of the bit going into the shank is fitted with a silver mount. The result is quite attractive and also ensures further protection against breakage in a pipe's most vulnerable spot.

  • Author


    The bowl is very similar to the Author, but where the author has a large, a little bit flattened, rounded bowl. This shape has a thick, bent stem and mouthpiece. The bowl is usually fitted with a heavy, thick stem and the most to half Bent. This pipe shape is very confortable in the hand. The bowl and the tobacco chamber have spectacular sizes, even so the pipe is not large. Large tobacco chamber. It's hard to fill up the thick wall. The practiced pipe- smoker can enjoy the smoke.

  • Bent


    The most popular shame of the 19th century. In these days the Bent again very popular, after the devolution of the Bent in the 20th century. The Billiard bowl and shank is smaller than 90- degrees. They used originally the designation ,, bent stem billiard". Less curved than the halfbent is the meaning of the semi. The stem and the mouthpiece are ususally bents.Quarter bent meaning that the shank and stem is bented 30- degrees. The half bent is smaller, the full bent is bigger- degress curved, than 45- degrees.Bent pipes are walking pipes. In your mouth can you much easier to hold this.


    Different shapes are in the pipe bowl: quarter bent, square shank dublin, with saddle mouthpiece.The Dublin shape bowl with shank is bented 30- degrees.

    Hungarian or Oom Paul shape is with full bent stem, large tobacco chamber.

  • shape-billiard.jpg


    The Billiard is the single most popular style of pipe today. The pipe bowl is cylindrical and the top of the edge is softly rounded. The sides are paralell. The stem is classical straight, round diameter. The variations of the pipe bowl: the classis billiard, the stubby, the stack and the pot. A full bent billiard is a hungarian or Oom Paul. At chimney is the base the billiard. The bowl is narrower and taller than the stem. The pipe height is twofild to the diameter. The pipe wall is thinner.The chimney refer to at stack. The Poker type is flatted and can stay on the desk. In our days can we find the most pipe bowl- shape with straight stem. The variations of the stem and mouthpiece: The Liverpool is so than the Billiard, but the height is twofild to the diameter. Stem is short. The tapered mouthpiece is round diameter. The Lovat take after the Liverpool, but the mouthpiece saddle canadian or lumberman with oval stem.

  • Brandy


    A very popular style among Danish carvers. An usual shape that has a bowl in the shape of a brandy glass. Brandy shaped pipes or Brandy Glass. The Bent Brandy or Brandy Glass has a bowl shaped like, well, a brandy glass. The rounded base tapers up to a smaller rim. The shape is elegant and pleasant to the touch. The stem is soft bent and straight. These are found most often as smooth 1/4 bent pipes, through there are some makers designing Bent brandy pipes with bent shanks drilled with special bits that can cut a curved hole. Very rare shape is the Brandy.

  • shape-bulldog.jpg


    The classic bulldog has a diamond shank. The shank is unique. This is one of the original briar shapes and owes it is name simply to it is look: rugged and likely to be smoked by outdoorsmen. A true classic shape, this page is most recognized by the line which rings the cap of the bowl. the Bulldog shape is distinguished by it is diamond - shaped stem and usually a couple of lines out around the widest part of the bowl. The mouthpiece is bent or tapered. Bulldogs are fitted with either taper or saddle bits. The Bulldog shape was very popular at the turn of the century and included short models called Chubbies or Golfer's pipes. There are those who feel that any bent bulldog is a rhodesian. Other think a rhodesian must have a round shank.

  • Calabash


    The Calabash pipe is made of briar. The Calabash is a solid wood interpretation of the gourd Calabash. One last Bent that is a shape on it's own is the Calabash, directly copied from the Calabash pipe, which is made from the hard shell of an African gourd and fitted with a meerschaum bowl or lining. The bowl is tapered and usually flares at the rim. The top of the bowl is often dome- shaped. The majority of Calabash pipes are 3/4 bent, but are variations among pipe makers and a straight Calabash is not out of the question. The tobacco chamber is usually tapered. Sherlock Holmes don't used to this pipe shape in the films. Sherlock Holmes liked the Churchwarden and the pottery pipe. Dr. Watson liked the bent stem root pipe.

  • shape-canadian.jpg


    The Canadian is a long- shanked Billiard with an oval shank and a tapered bit. The shank is about twice as long as the height of the blow. Variations include the canadian and lumberman with oval shanks and the Lovat and Liverpool with round shanks. The variations have been given a page of their own in this guide for comparison purposes. The long shank makes for a cooler smoke. The mouthpiece is short and pointed. The mouthpiece is twierce of the shank. The smoke trade onwards with the wood. It's turning better cool. The matter work of easier.

  • Cherrywood


    The Cherrywood is not necessarily made from cherry wood. It is the name of the style. The origins of the name cherrywood are uncertain, but may refer to the shape once being popular for inexpensive "basket" pipes made from cherry instead of briar. The Cherrywood is a bent Poker. The Poker name comes from the feature of being able to set the pipe down to deal cards. Both style have approximately the same dimensions as a Billiard. The bottom of the cherrywood is cut at an angle for reasons of balance. It has flat- bottomed bowl designed so that the pipe will stand it is own. Both styles have bowls that are more cylindrical than that of the billiard.This pipe has a very special look. The name is speaks for itself. The stem of the pipe is connecting like a branch of the cherry wood.

  • Churchwarden


    The meaning of Churchwarden is presbyter. An old pipe shape, a contemporary pipe with Elisabeth I of England. It was not prohibited in the 18th century in the england's church. The first variation was pottery pipe with shorter stem. This was slimsy. Intersingly, all of the other style of pipe are identifited by the shape of their bowls, but he churchwarden is identified by it's long stem. The long stem can be bent or straight. Stems may be 9" to 18" long. A clay churchwarden. There is a practical limit to the lenght. You need to be able to reach the bowl with the stem in your mouth. The bowl size is usually small as compared tot the average sized pipe. Churchwarden are available in clay and briar and occasionally meerschaum. It is a traditionally, clay pipes are made in one piece and a rusticated briar churchwarden. 

  • shape-diplomat.jpg


    The Diplomat pipe is an shanked Apple shape. It"s usuallly compare the two pipe bowl, but otherwise shares the same features. The stem is almost always bent about 1/8 and the bowl is a squat Apple shape. The only difference between a Prince and a Diplomat is the oval stem on the Diplomat and the round stem on the Prince. This pipe is with an octagonaled mouthpiece.

  • shape-dublin.jpg


    The Dublin pipe is not specially name. The Dublin has the same proportions as a Billiard, but with a tapered bowl. The bore of the tobacco chamber is conicaled, following the contours of the bowl, Dublins can be found in bent and straight versions with conicaled and saddle bits and with round, oval and square shanks. The tapered bore of the tobacco chamber presents a different smoking characterics than a straight bore, concentrating the flavors in the last half of the smoke, so that the flavor of the tobacco builds as you smoke. Similar styles include the Woodstock, Calabash and horn. Dublins with large bowls are often called ,,Bell Dublins" or simly ,,Bells".

  • shape-egg.jpg


    The choise is appropriate to the new pipe- smoker. As the name implies, the egg is shaped like an egg. This shape can be thought of as an elongated apple. Although it is avaliable in a straight version, it is most often seen as a bent. Smoking characteristics should compare favourably with the stack, considering the tall bowl. Importtant points to look for in choosing an egg are symmetry, balance and smooth curves that fit the hand. The stuff is easier into the pipe.

  • Lovat


    It's the member of the Canadian shapes pipes. The Lovat Family was a patricial family in England. Lord Fraser planted this shape in the 19th century. The Billiard is characterized by a fairly cylindrical bowl, canted very slightly forward, with a round shank, roughly as a long as the bowl is tall, and eighter a tapered or saddle stem that makes up roughly half the overall lenght of the pipe. The Lovat is similar to a Billiard, with a slim shank that is 1,25- 2 times the height of the bowl. The Lovat is always fitted with a short saddle stem. A Liverpool can be thought of as a Lovat with a tapered stem. This is the take on the differences among the members of the Canadian family: Canadian: Oval shank with tapered shank. Lumberman: Oval shank with saddle stem. Liverpool: Round shank with tapered stem. Lovat: Round shank with saddle stem.

  • shape-poker.jpg

    Poker and stand up poker

    The Poker pipe has a cylindrical and flat- bottomed bowl designed so that pipe will stand on it's own. This is a straight pipe. The shape is geometrically linear designed so that pipe will stand on it's own. The Poker head shape is cylindrical, and the stem usually longer. The drill and wall thickness can vary, but usually they are rather thinner. The Cherrywood has a longer pipe shank. This is a variant on the Cherrywood pipe. This made of cherry- tree.

  • Pot


    There are four variations on the Billiard theme: the classic billiard, the stubby, the stack and the pot. At the classical variations of the bowl height is smaller than the diameter. The pipe shank is rounded diameter and not so long than the bowl diameter.The pipe foot is rounded. The Pot has the adventage of having thick walls. This is similar to the Apple shape.

  • Prince


    The name after the Prince of Wales (Prince Albert, later King Edward VII). The Prince shape was the favourit of Prince Albert. It first classical appeared in the 1920s. It has a squat, rounded bowl. Squat, rounded bowl ususally with a large tobacco chamber. The Prince bowl is with a long, thin, slightly bent stem and often with a shorter shank. Compared to the other pipes, the shank and the stem are thin and delicate, through not necessarily fragile. This makes for a light and comfortable pipe. It is normally made in three sizes: small, medium, large. There exist a variant called the Cognac that is based on the shape of a brandy glass.

  • Rhodesian


    This is a controversial shape. The resolution is difficult. There are those who feel that any bent Bulldog is a Rhodesian. Others believe that any round- shanked pipe with mouthpiece and bulldog as diamond- shanked, regardless of whether bent or straight.

  • Viking


    This is a modern, wonderful, lasting and originally Danish pipe. It's not a large shop- floor rather a freehand type of the pipes. Very rare is the nice polished pipe. This Viking pipe has fastidious vein. The type is mean the outlook what is like a viking ship. It's made different pipe bowl. This shape has a half bent stem. A relationship for lifelong!

  • Volcano


    The Volcano pipe has a taper bowl. This pipe is usually with rounded or flat base. The Volcano is with bent stem and saddle mouthpiece, because of the taper- shaped bowl. This style may have a relatively narrow tobacco chamber for the size of the pipe. The shapes requires valid selection of the briar in order radiating from the bowl and birds eye grain on the bottom.

  • shape-woodstock.jpg


    The Woodstock shape has the oval bowl of the Dublin with an 1/8 bent stem. The Zulu shape is sometimes as a Woodstock, Yacht or Yachtsman. The bend makes the pipe more comfortable to hold in the teeth than a straight pipe. This very popular style is made by most pipe makers and is widely available on the prestigiuos market.

  • Stanwell pipe Zebrano 251 Sandblasted

    Stanwell pipe Zebrano 251 Sandblasted

    This Stanwell pipe Zebrano 251 Sandblasted is made of briar. Stem is decorated with a zebrano- wood (Microberlinia brazzavillensis) ring. Te stem's tips are decorated amber colour acrylic rings.

  • Stanwell pipe Zebrano 83 Polished

    Stanwell pipe Zebrano 83 Polished

    This Stanwell pipe Zebrano 83 Polished is made of briar. Stem is decorated with a zebrano (microberlinia brazzavillensis). The zebrano is made of wood. The stem's tipa are decorated amber colour acrylic ring.

  • Stanwell pipe Zebrano 85 Sandblasted

    Stanwell pipe Zebrano 85 Sandblasted

    This Stanwell pipe Zebrano 85 Sandblasted is made of briar, with rusticated pipe bowl. Stem is deccorated with a zebrano (Microberlinia brazzavillensis) ring. The zebrano ring is made of wood.

  • Stanwell pipe Boa 198 GR14

    Stanwell pipe Boa 198 GR14

    This Stanwell pipe Boa 198 GR14 is made of briar. Stem decorated an aluminiumring. Confortable in the hand. The pipe with short stem and mouthpiece need to be use carefully.